The Heart of the Matter

IMG_6775-0At the age of 24, I’m often found myself questioning whether I was fulfilling my life’s purpose or even walking in the right direction. Honestly, I probably spent more time counting the time before I would hit 25 and then thinking about how quickly 30 will arrive…than I did staying focused on the tasks at hand. What have I learned from counting the time you may ask? Well, it has taught me that time truly waits for no woman and doesn’t stand still even if you pray on it to freeze. Simple, I know…but it’s the honest truth and the realization is a reminder that sometimes stings.

The idea of writing a blog is something I’ve wrestled with for about two years. When I spent the summer of 2012 in New York, I blogged as a participant in The Reid Group Program–it was a requirement. I didn’t hate blogging, in fact I actually enjoyed expressing myself through a blog. The only issue was that I just couldn’t see myself setting aside time to complete a blog when it was no longer a requirement. However, after two years of counting time, coming to several realizations and trying to make sense of the things in my life–I realized that a blog was necessary for me to fulfill my duties as a journalist.

I’ve always dreamed of being the voice for the voiceless and just inspiring the world. Whether its on the big screen or behind the scenes–I always knew that just sitting back as the issues of the world occurred just wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, sometimes you forget about the goals you set for yourself and you lose yourself while trying to make sense of everything that doesn’t seem to make sense to you.

When I started this blog, I was at a point in my life where I was working in my desired field. However, not exactly where I thought I would be two years after college…but for the most part I loved my job and the people I had the pleasure of working with. The unfortunate part about news, is that I now have the opportunity to watch as so many issues come to light, are covered for a short period of time and then watch as they disappear. It’s the business of news…I get it— I promise I do! But I often find myself wondering what else can be done to bring attention to these issues or at least show genuine concern by covering them in a different capacity.

The Heart of the Matter is my opportunity to cover issues, but also INSPIRE those who sometimes need it most.  This blog will serve as a humble reminder as to why I chose to be a journalist and that’s simply to inspire.

At age 24, I’ve accepted that I may not be exactly where I expected to be in life, but I’m walking in my purpose at the pace that has been set for me. I have achieved more than I probably give myself credit for, but that’s a characteristic of ambitious individuals. We strive to outdo the expectations and are never satisfied with what has been achieved…it’s what keeps us going. So here’s to moving with the time that won’t stand still for me and being the journalist I have always desired to become. Enjoy my blog, but above all take this journey with me as I work to reveal the heart of the matter.

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