Embrace your falls & be RESILIENT…

“Every challenge we take on has the power to knock us on our knees.What’s even more disconcerting than the jolt is our fear that we won’t withstand it.” -Oprah

New Orleans, LA (August 2017)

Can you believe that the year is wrapping up? I am seriously trying to figure out how the time started slipping away! It doesn’t seem like it’s been an entire 365 days since I started planning out my vision for 2017, but whether I choose to believe it or not… it definitely has been. As I begin preparing for my annual vision board brunch, I’m also reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned throughout the year.

Greatest lesson learned in 2017: Embrace the falls… and be resilient. 

On day one of 2017, I declared that it was going to be my year of growth– the year I was waiting to BLOW MY MIND. Believe me when I say it has been exactly what I claimed it would be and so much more than I imagined. At this stage in life I’m sure we all can agree that growth comes with new opportunities–each bringing a new challenge. The starting quote speaks volumes to my year. I had an amazing year mixed with weeks where I was knocked down on my knees, but somehow found the strength to jump back up again. For those of you wondering if I’ve never had crazy things thrown my way–guess again. At 27, I’m no stranger to failure, a little struggle or obstacles that call for resilience— but none of those situations are ever easy to accept.  2017 presented changes in my career and relationships, along with tests of my faith–all which introduced me to new types of obstacles. The good news– I survived, still believing that His plan is greater than my own–even when it doesn’t make sense to me.

If you find yourself facing new challenges, here’s a few tips to help you make it through:

  1. Surround yourself with friends who can reassure you when you need it most. We all need reassurance–not just in our relationships, but also in our daily fight to accomplish our goals. If you don’t have people in your circle who remind you of your power–you’re losing. This year my circle let me vent over bottomless mimosas, told me to suck up my tears and cheered for me when I was performing well. Make sure you have team that will not only be there when you’re soaring, but also as you face your darkest fears. You can’t win your battles alone.
  2. Protect your peace. There is nothing like your peace of mind– I don’t care what anyone tells you. This year I really had to learn the importance of finding time to protect my peace! I found myself complaining more than usual, honestly at times it was for the things I prayed for the most. When I found myself in a rut, I made time to escape. In my field of work, it’s not always easy to leave the stresses of Monday-Friday at the office…news never stops. However, the greatest advice my boss could’ve given me was to find a way to manage my stress to avoid burning out quickly. By October, I finally found myself balancing better. My to-do list doesn’t stress me out as much. I never seem to complete everything on the list–but it doesn’t stress me out. I now make sure I carve out my ME TIME, even if that means doing nothing but watching the sun come up and go back down while sipping wine on my balcony protect your peace!
  3. Don’t lose the fight in you. You can’t avoid the feeling of defeat–it’s inevitable when you’re taking on a new venture and failure is at stake.  I’ll admit that this might go down as my crybaby year, but I’ll take it. I cried on the shoulders of those who knew me best and found solace in their encouraging words, Auntie O’s advice (Oprah for those who are unaware), and held tight to my faith. When things get tough, don’t let adversity define you. Take a moment to breath, find encouragement from somewhere and BOUNCE BACK! Always remind yourself what you’re striving to achieve and why you wanted it so bad. It’s okay to REST… but don’t STOP.

It’s okay to accept the falls– but fall gracefully. Be resilient and jump back in the ring to fight—EVERY SINGLE TIME. There’s still time left in 2017 to knock out your doubts and push through. You got this!


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