Lesson #1: Remember your WHY

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” -Mark Twain

ef344904-3de3-4c6b-915d-f3bb322faa90-2I first heard the quote from Mark Twain when I was editing a video for Gulfstream’s Student Leadership Program. Savannah-Chatham School Board’s president at the time, Joe Buck III., was explaining why he’s so passionate about educating students and helping them discover their WHY. It was during a time when I was actually searching to figure out my WHY and struggling to understand why things weren’t moving at the pace I desired. Since then, which was about 4 years ago, I think I’ve discovered my WHY and even more important I know that things don’t work on my time… and you will never understand how much it takes for a planner to accept that! Throughout this year I’ve had the joy of living my WHY, exploring numerous opportunities and enjoying the adventure as it happens… but I’ve also faced frustration and disappointment when things didn’t go my way. The latter part can sometimes make you forget WHY you do what you.

Last month at work we had the pleasure of having a guest speaker come in for something that was like an “pep rally at work.” Trust me when I say we needed a little pick me up! Willie Raines stopped by to crush things, break bats, bend pots…all types of destructive things while motivating us at the same time. Usually he talks to school students, it’s all a part of his anti-bullying campaign, but for us it was to remind us why our job is so important…and why we all need each other to function. To know me…is to know I love a good quote, a good motivational speech… I like to be inspired, so I can inspire others!


img_0135Today, I opened mail and received a letter from Joyce Meyer Ministries… it was my favorite bible verse typed out on a cue card (Jeremiah 29:11)… No lie–I almost cried! I just feel like it came at the right time on the right day. It served as a reminder that life isn’t a coincidence and although your circumstance may not be what you imagined always remember that He has a plan for your life.You win some battles and you will surely lose some battles… but when life knocks you down always Remember your purpose in life.

Be encouraged and make room for all the WINS headed your way in 2017! I’m so excited to welcome another year of growth!

#TheYearofWins #TheYearofGrowth

Just in case you were looking for my other lessons… here’s a peak… (#6: Take Control, #5:Let it Go, #4: Accept the Unexpected, #3: Stand Your Ground, and #2: Trust Yourself) I promise to elaborate later! 


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