Lesson #8: Speak positivity in the air

“It takes a great deal of courage to see the world in all it’s tained glory and still to love it..”  -Oscar Wilde-

Day 9, Lesson #8:
15590_10155476092910324_4643082776098399744_nI always tell those considering a career in news that it truly takes special people to work in news, especially local news. There’s not much glitz and glam. If you’re a reporter don’t get excited thinking someone will do your hair and makeup. You are not guaranteed to have a photographer following you around… and chasing breaking news is your job even when it turns out to be nothing. If you’re a producer time will slip away, your show will probably change from what you planned…RIGHT BEFORE YOU GO ON AIR… and if you work any job in production just be prepared for someone’s mic to suddenly stop working and those camera shots along with so much more to change as soon as the show starts. Then there are those moments when everything goes as planned or at least looks clean…and then there are those moments when your co-workers make the chaos worth it and you can get a good laugh in! It’s all apart of the joy and pain of working in live TV.

Aside from those minor details (or what I’ve learned to consider minor), the hardest part of the job can be waking up knowing that the day will be filled with bad news topped off with a little good news. It’s seriously not a job for the weak at heart or for those who let the problems of the world sit on their shoulders. I know those who know me well are giggling inside because this is coming from someone who can be quite emotional in my personal life and also someone who loves breaking news. It can make work an inner battle at times, but for the most part I’ve learned to separate my emotions from work. The goal isn’t to turn cold hearted… I just have to master the art of separation. However, when stories bring a tear to my eye or upset me…it’s just a reminder that I’m still human.

Luckily for me, each Friday there is always a 1 minute video at the end of each show at my station that recaps the positive things happening in Central Georgia. This is Home always reminds me that there is good in the tainted world even when I have to squint to see it. It’s the moment in the week that restores my faith in humanity and encourages our viewers to do the same.

This year one of the biggest lessons my career taught me was that sometimes you have to take a mental break away from the negativity in the world, the cruel intentions of others and find the good in humanity. No matter what your career is or what situations are surrounding you at this moment, speak positivity in the air… it could always be worse.


One response to “Lesson #8: Speak positivity in the air”

  1. Poignantly accurate. A keeper

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