Lesson 11: Do what you love

image1Day 6, Lesson 11:

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.” -Paulo Coelho

It’s my Blogaversary! 2 years ago today I made the decision to channel my inner Oprah and launch my blog! I honestly didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write about, but I knew I loved writing and needed to get back to it. I haven’t written a poem in who knows when, I definitely can’t remember the last time I performed on somebody’s stage… so for me, sharing my thoughts was  a new outlet.

For the past 2 years my followers, along with those who read from time to time have been so supportive! When I realize I’ve fallen off, I’m reminded why I need to hop back on the horse.

Blogging is my happy place…my place where I find the heart of what really matters! Most people don’t even know that the actual blogging component of my site is titled, The heart of the matter… when I first started writing I did what I thought was really cute and closed out every post the same way. I got bored really quickly and realized it was just easier to tell people to visit ciaracampbell.com! Did I figure it out right away—of course not!I say all that to say, what may be clear to you maybe confusing for others… just remember you don’t live for others! Do what makes you happy and if that includes a little confusion on your path just know clarity will one day come. Success is a process.

“Failure is not an option… success is just a process”- Wale

Lesson #11 is simple, do what you love! For me… that’s bringing people the news and then sharing my thoughts here with the hope of encouraging someone somewhere.

So for old times sake… The heart of the matter here is to ALWAYS chase your dreams and remember to do what you love…no matter how tough it seems.

Click here for a look at Lesson 12, “You are not your mistake…”


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  1. good work.

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