Lesson #16: Never accept defeat

This year I’m switching things up a bit! Instead of only spending one day reflecting on the things I’ve learned in 2016…I’ll reflect for the first 16 days in December. I hope you enjoy my reflections and take time to soak in the lessons I’ve learned throughout the year.

Day 1, Lesson #16:

2016 was a year for the books–as always the good outweighed the bad. As I celebrated my wins–they also came with losses I won’t forget… but with each loss there was always a lesson waiting.

Last year I read the alchemist and loved it! I enjoyed it so much that I read it several times and referred it to all of my friends. I only came across ONE person who disliked the book and went against my recommendation (my co-worker Jeff… who thinks the book moved to slow and it took to long to get to the lesson at the end…) Anywhoooo after reading the Alchemist I started searching for more works from Paulo Coelho in hopes of being inspired and landed at Barnes and Noble purchasing The Fifth Mountain. Sadly, I have seriously been reading The Fifth Mountain all year. I just haven’t made time to read…let alone write for my blog. But as I did read… I easily picked up a valuable life lesson.

“All life battles teach us something, even those we lose”― Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain

Throughout the book you follow a prophet named Elijah as he faces trials and in the end finds victory.  I felt like the book was summing up the story of my 2016! One of the biggest problems I faced this year was focusing on my upsets longer than I should… to the point that I was letting it frustrate me and ruin my inner Oprah! (If you know me well–you know I love Oprah’s spirit!) Sometimes I felt like I just couldn’t win and at times it was quite discouraging.

Thankfully, I’m surrounded by an inspiring group of people to always remind me why I have to keep going. Whenever they say something worth remembering…I write it down and place it in clear view to remind me when I’m discouraged. Here’s a look at some of the quotes that encouraged me to keep going. Hopefully, it will help you if needed.

“Get it together Fav”– Kala

“Refuse to have a bad day!” -K.O.

“CiCi… You don’t get to give up!” -Marv

“Life is about making temporary sacrifices to acquire a wealthier future…Make it happen” –Jocelyn

This year I learned to NEVER accept defeat. Instead, move forward knowing that everything that happens is truly working for your good–even when it hurts.Smile through the pain.


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  1. Love your post, Ciara! You go girl! ❤

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