Smile with the rising sun…

“Once a year…go someplace you’ve never been”-Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama couldn’t have said it better and this year his advice worked hand in hand with my vision board. I now have another task to cross off my vision board and honestly…this might be one of the best thus far! At the beginning of October, I grabbed my passport and took a girlfriends’ trip to Jamaica! Trust me when I say–it was an experience to remember! Beautiful people, beautiful landscape, tasty food and fun! fun! fun! To top it off–I traveled with a great group of women and we were all committed to stepping outside of our comfort zones. We spent four amazing days being bold and fearless. We woke up soon as the sun rose,went to sleep long after it set and spent each day on an adventurous excursion!

Let me share the rundown:

Saturday was spent snorkeling in the Atlantic ocean– which was amazing as we learned about sea urchins, fed fish, caught fish and swam over the coral reef. After we finished snorkeling we hopped back on the yacht until we reached Dunns River Falls–where we climbed for what seemed like forever! After we finished our wet climb, we hopped back on the yacht to enjoy a party back to Ochos Rios!

Sunday we went on a horseback ride and swim…horseback riding was different. We had an experience with a wild horse (poor Bianca), left with a few scrapes and bruises, but overall it was exciting! Plus–how many people can say they swam with a horse…in the ocean?

Monday we had a few short hours to enjoy breakfast in Jamaica, walk the strip of Montego Bay one last time and then randomly jump off a trampoline (in the middle of the ocean) before returning home.

Each day was also spent enjoying the resort, learning the culture and trying new foods! The resort staff was so pleasant–I didn’t want to leave them nor the several others we met! Everyone I came across had a smiling face and stories worth sharing.

Aside from the fun, my experience in Jamaica served as a reminder of some key focus points for me this year:

1) To live life with no regrets and always be thankful.

2) To always enjoy the people around you.

3) To smile–even when life is knocking you down…you never know the impact your smile has on someone else.

Throughout this 10th month, remember that you created your vision board for a reason. Set aside time to look back at your vision board and evaluate your progress. Are you accomplishing your goals? Are you encouraging yourself? And above all, are you living the life you wanted to live?

I can happily say that I’m doing all three of those things and learning along the way! My time spent in Jamaica truly taught me to wake up each day and smile with the rising sun… #TheYearof25 #LiveWithNoRegrets

“Smile with the rising sun…” -Bob Marley


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  1. Tony Polo Jordan Avatar
    Tony Polo Jordan

    Well written Ci-Ci ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😘😘

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