The Bloom…

IMG_0183“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

-Paulo Coelho-

As always, Paulo randomly knows best…

At the start of this year, I sat down with my sister to create our vision boards and sort out our goals for 2015.  After a week of plotting, planning and with a little help from my favorite–Oprah, a few old magazines and music…our goals were finally laid out. My vision in a nutshell was to live healthy and happy, love freely, travel and then there were countless reminders that I control my fate. My career goal was to be a producer by 25 and my affirmation reminded me to be fiery and passionate about my ambitions, but most of all be patient.
             So let me tell you now–patience was by far the hardest thing for me and still is today.However, with a little prayer and faith when discouraged…patience became a tad bit easier. January left me with 5 months to accomplish my career goal and an entire year to figure out everything else on the board…or at least strive to figure it out. As time started to pass, I applied for different jobs, had doors shut in my face, met discouragement more than 3 times, lost faith in myself and managed to feel like I was running into a quarter-life crisis! Seriously! Nothing was going as I had planned and my time was running out!
              I have this conversation with several people and every time I enjoy it even more…the thought that life runs on this clock that we can’t seem to keep up with, but feel like we should. Often times, I need the conversation to remind myself that instead of being caught up on time, we should focus on accomplishing the goal and trust if we’re on the right path…all will fall in place when the time is right.
             June 1st, I turned 25…and I was not a producer… I didn’t accomplish my goal on time and honestly it wasn’t as devastating as I thought it would be. Five days later I had a phone interview and 2 weeks later had a face-to-face interview that would later land me the position as a producer. I was ecstatic! The biggest lesson for me was learning to have faith and understand that my time isn’t what really matters.
              The heart of the matter is that dreaming is never an issue if you create a plan of action for those dreams and if you are willing to understand that timing is everything… Above all when in doubt–be sure to ask yourself: Are you working to follow through?
               So here’s to watching my big goal of the year bloom…not on my own time, but right on time…and believing that yours will too…
“Dream big and follow through even bigger…” (The Bloom, Wale).

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