Seize the moment…


Almost a year ago, I had the opportunity to work in studio and the first anchor I told to “Stand-by” was Sonny Dixon. Did he listen? Not at all…In fact he told me I wasn’t loud enough and continued to talk up until the very last second before popping up on air. As time went by, I grew to love his personality, learned to yell at him and he learned to listen to me (for the most part). Our studio time together and several discussions gave me the opportunity to truly learn from him and gain another mentor.

One day, Sonny asked a very candid question, “So what are you doing next?” I wasn’t confused, but at the moment I wasn’t certain about my answer and I didn’t answer firmly. He laughed and said, ” Well nobody said you have to rush to figure it out, but just remember time waits for no one.”

I held on to those words and quickly learned they can be viewed several different ways, be it negative or positive. For example, there’s the notion that time waits for no one and I’m getting old, so I need to make my decisions happen sooner than soon… That’s the negative view which will surely give you anxiety attacks as your birthday approaches each year or you can choose to think of time positively. The positive is accepting that time is precious and you must take advantage of each opportunity when it crosses your path–even if you have to chase the opportunity. Things may not happen on your time or in the order that you planned them out, but time wasted on what should be, could have or the why nots is all wasted time. Instead wake up each morning and ask yourself, “What purposeful move will I make today?” and “Am I taking advantage of my time?”

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens…”

I chose this verse because there is truly a time for everything, including retirement. When Sonny announced his retirement, I was sad–my FAVORITE is leaving me! Now, I still get teary eyed quickly at the thought (I hate farewells by the way), but my tears are happy tears! Sonny’s retirement serves as just another reminder that time waits for no one. From observation and knowing his genuine personality, I can tell that Sonny aims to make purposeful moves on a daily basis. I will surely miss Sonny, but he took his own advice and realized it was time to move on to a new adventure and enjoy new moments. I’m sure his retirement and adventures with his wife will be priceless!

The heart of the matter here is simple…time waits for no one, so pick your horse and ride it with confidence. You have nothing to lose, but time…and if that horse doesn’t work out for you–choose another! Time spent chasing the desires of your heart is never wasted time.

Live your life with a purpose, seize the moment and savor the memories along the way.


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