This blog is definitely going to be short and sweet…I mean for goodness sake it sparks from an ad I noticed on the jam packed Subway. Now granted it was a Budweiser ad, but as I glared at the sign that read “GREAT TIMES ARE WAITING” [for a REALLY loooong time while trying to breathe on the subway] I had an epiphany. As our journey with The Reid Group is quickly coming to an end, sometimes I have random moments of uncertainty…I mean what am I going to do when I’m not working around the clock, writing blogs, transcribing audio interviews and looking for black news for theGrio?!?!?! No really? [these are REAL questions]…….BUT that sign said it all. In spite of uncertainty GREAT TIMES ARE CERTAINLY WAITING….you just have to be willing to chase GREATNESS… and when I think about it, that’s honestly been the message Ms. Reid has been pushing since we arrived.

Today we had the opportunity to meet the original 106th &Park host and friend of Ms. Reid,A.J. Calloway. In the midst of his friendly jokes he provided great advice for interviews and Entertainment news…but he gave good life advice as well, such as these notes:

  1. Stay in your own lane & own it!
  2. Realize your potential and what you bring to the table–Make sure you are valued.

Crazy RIIIIGHT?!?! All of A.J’s advice fell right in line with the random Budweiser ad I kept staring at! I don’t know what’s to come of all these random epiphanies I have, the signs I see around the city and the fortune cookies I open…but I know GREAT TIMES ARE WAITING and I’ve made the conscious decision to constantly strive for GREATNESS….it all starts with Ms. Reid’s advice: “Be open to the many possibilities”.

We have less than 2.5 weeks left in New York and I’m determined to use everything I’ve gained in this program to help me achieve GREATNESS in my career as well as in my personal life…I can honestly say it’s all paying off…and I’m noticing improvements. Which all brings me to my Lesson of the day:

“Expect Failure because failure is just practice for when you succeed…But above all remember that GREAT TIMES ARE WAITING and it’s up to you to be GREAT!”

 {P.S. Thanks to the creator of that Budweiser ad lol}

Goodnight New York! {NYC DAY 37}


2 responses to “GREAT TIMES ARE WAITING…”

  1. Ciara..this was great! Indeed “Great times are awaiting” for you just continue to seek and you shall find that perfect niche’. Be steadfast because you are destined for the “great times” to come!

    1. Thank you Ms. April! I do plan to continue striving to find where I fit in!

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